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The Community Garden

Llangollen Community Garden sits in an easily accessed location, close to Plas Newydd. The community garden was initially established on this site in 2012.

Follow this link to see the garden location on Google Maps.

See that small wooden gate? The garden is located through there!

Anyone is welcome to become a member, take part in gardening sessions and enjoy sharing this beautiful area of land. Groups are also welcome to make use of the space. For example, Llangollen Scouts use part of the garden to practise fire lighting.

Project Aims

> To develop a high quality organic food source within Llangollen.

> To provide opportunities for local people, groups and schools to directly engage with the natural world and learn about small scale food production.

> To help build community links by bringing together individuals and locals groups.

Garden principles

We are sticking to organic principles, and where possible making use of permaculture methods. We are passionate about wildlife and want to design the garden and work on site which is as friendly to wildlife as possible. This is benficial to the area’s biodiversity, which in turn benefits our crops.

Garden History

The garden site used to be a working kitchen garden over 20 years ago, before falling into a state of extreme neglect. You can read more about the historic garden and the Weaver’s cottage here.

The site is owned by Denbighshire county council, who gave permission for our group to turn the land into a productive community garden. Since 2012 volunteers have worked hard to create a wonderful community asset. At first a huge effort was made by local community members to remove suffocating undergrowth and self seeded softwood trees from the site. Following this the community responded again with tool and other equipment donations. Since then the garden has bee tended 50 weeks out of the year by a range of different volunteer gardeners and helpers. In addition a wide variety of training, community and youth events have been organised at the garden.


We’ve got loads of plans and ideas for the future. Here is just a flavour…

> We’d love to see the garden producing enough so that we can not just provide for members, but producing a surplus which we could distribute via local charities.

> After successfully hosting various youth groups at the garden, we would like to start providing groups with their own dedicated spaces to grow crops. We want Llangollen schools and youth groups have a strong role in developing and benefiting from the garden, and this move will enable them to have more input more regularly.

> Due to the presence of ‘The Weavers Cottage’, mill race and leet, the land bordering the community garden site offers an opportunity to develop a small heritage attraction. More information about the historic Weaver’s cottage can be found here.

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