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When and where

We garden every Saturday morning, and some evenings during the week. If you are interested in come along, please get in touch. Or come along to one of our sessions; as advertised on Facebook.

Follow this link to see our location on Google Maps.

See that small wooden gate? The garden is located through there!


There are various different ways you can get involved;

* Gardeners – No experience neccessary, this is an opportunity for people who are looking to learn about gardening and to help out with a variety of day to day gardening tasks.

* Experienced gardeners – We need skilled gardeners who can help teach our gardeners about growing vegetables and flowers.

* Specialist gardeners – Sometimes an in depth knowledge of a particular topic is required, e.g. Apple trees or Ecology – If you have a particular skill that you would like to offer, please let us know.

* Construction and Maintenance – We need people who can build compost bins, fix broken gates, build steps and raised beds, and various other construction jobs around the garden.

* Designers and Artists – We want our garden to be a thing of beauty. Careful planning and inspiring art can help us develop a more beautiful garden.

* Youth engagement – We need people who have the skills neccessary to organise and run activities that will engage under 18s.

* Publicity – Llangollen Community Garden is a garden for the whole community. We need volunteers who can make sure that everyone in the community understands what we are about and how they can get involved.

Why garden?

> Grow your own low cost high quality food

> Engage with your local environment

> Keep fit

Why community gardening?

> Work to develop your community

> An opportunity to meet new people

> Get great results, while sharing responsibility

> Avoid the need to buy your own tools or have your own land

> Learn new skills for free