Please help us prevent the closure of Llangollen Community Garden

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*** UPDATE ***

Denbighshire County Council has confirmed that the developer has withdrawn their proposal for the community garden land. This means that there is no longer an immediate threat to the community garden. THANK YOU for your support that has helped save the garden. Read more here

*** END UPDATE ***

On 11th January 2018 the Asset Management Group at Denbighshire County Council will decide whether to ‘gift’ the community garden land to a developer looking to build 4 or 5 detached houses on the garden site.

This will be in return for building work being carried out at Plas Newydd; the developer has suggested this could be building an extension on the café.

The Council has already agreed to this in principle, at a private meeting.  However, at the next meeting on 11th January the Asset Management Group will decide whether to ratify their decision and proceed, or whether to stop and save the community garden.

We need your help to save the community garden! PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SIGN OUR PETITION

UPDATE 11/01/2018: Thank you to everyone who has signed our petition or written to our councillors. The council were due to make a decision today on the developer’s proposal. However your support has helped us delay the final decision on the garden to March 8th. If you haven’t already signed the petition please click here to do so now.

If you have already written to your councillors then rest assured your input has had a huge impact on decision makers at Denbighshire County Council. If you haven’t already sent an email, please use our guide here to send an email to our county councillors. It’s easy to do, and really makes a BIG DIFFERENCE.

Water system upgrade

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Watering the garden used to take an hour, now it can be done in 10 minutes! Our first water system upgrade this summer was a pumped delivery hose.


This was great fun, but could only deliver 20 litres per minute to the plants. By moving around the tanks and hoses, we can now use gravity fed large diameter hoses that deliver up to 200 litres per minute – making watering an area very fast!

Wild Weekend 2014

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Summer BBQ!

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